Watt-s vision

Watt-s is a a service that makes solar energy production accessible to everyone. If we all make a small contribution, our common effort will lead to great results. Solar cells is also easily understandable – that is why solar cells as a service is what Watt-s offer.

Instead of buying your own solar panel producing 3360 W for €6990, Watt-s makes it possible for you to give someone you fancy 3W for €6!

If everyone compensated for their electric gadgets with a couple of watt solar cells, this would make a huge difference. Watt-s put small decisions together in big installations where everyone can contribute to the transformation of the energy system.

Science also show that when you get in direct contact with solar cells your priorities change and you get more engaged in environmental issues to the benefit of the whole society. This is the ultimate goal of Watt-s, with small steps create a big change in the society.