How Does it Work?

Installing solar energy is a complex task and we believe that many people hesitate before investing in solar panels even when they really support increased renewal energy production. Watt-s is an easy way of owning solar energy production without any hassles.

We have created a way for you to become a solar energy producer without any installation. Instead of making a large investment and installing solar panels on your own roof, you can buy solar energy production, one watt at a time, called watt-s.

Every Watt-s you buy will be installed somewhere and is reported in your Watt-s-app and account. We create large cost effective installations together with our hosters, much better than complex small installations.

But how do I Get the Energy?
It is really all about maths. When we install a solar panel it will instantly start to produce energy. In the electricity grid all energy produced is always used. When you charge your phone you need 7Wh of energy from the grid. You buy 3 Watt-s. When they get sunlight for 3 hours they will produce 3h*3Watt-s = 9Wh energy

So you have added 9Wh worth of energy to the grid. And your phone have used 7Wh the surplus is used somewhere else. This way you have produced clean solar energy to your phone.

But what about the cost?

When you install a solar panel in your home it will lower your total energy bill. We do the same but we make large installations on large buildings with high levels of energy usage. The value of the produced energy is then moved back to you and your Watt-s account. You can reclaim that money of course but we rather want you to convert your earnings to produce more Watt-s.

In the example above you will pay for the 7Wh energy you charge your phone with at home. We keep count on the amount of energy your Watt-s produce at the installation site. The amount of money each Wh is worth will be added to your account and shown in your app. So in the end you have produced the energy you use. And the money it was worth is in your account. Please note that we cannot guarantee any amounts since the production is totally dependant on the weather

Does my solar energy really remove other production?
Yes all energy produced must instantly be used in the electricity grid. When a small solar system creates a Watt, the big power plant needs to remove one Watt. Therefore the result is that small scale solar energy drives away nuclear and coal produced energy. The process also helps in pushing the price down since the supply increases.

Global focus
We have started in a small-scale in Sweden but anyone in the world can buy our Watt-s. Installations can also be done anywhere in the world! We will as soon as we get up to full speed find installations that changes the energy systems as much as possible

Help us in finding good installations in the world

What about the profits of Watt-s?

We take profits if there is any. This is necessary as we need the installations intact, employees, shareholders and systems going so we need to get our expenses covered. We will keep our accounting open and transparent.

We are now in Alpha state so calculations are hard, but our green goal is to

• Change the energy systems. Anyone can choose the renewable alternative.
• Be able to re-invest the refund in more solar panels.
• You will have your watts over the 15 year period.
• When you move you keep your Watt-s
• We try to install as much solarcells as possible (not only in sweden)