Electricity day 23rd January

23rd January is the swedish Electricity day where we are celebrating electricity.
The day is created by “Svensk Energi” an organisation representing most of the energy utilities in Sweden. We here at watt-s we take the opportunity to think about the good thing to have filled water reserves at our hydro powerstations in the autumn, based on the fact that we use solar energy over the summer. This is a big energy storage that we can use during the dark day’s in Sweden.

On January 23, 2016 we celebrated “Elens Dag” or Electricity’s Day, for the third year. Electricity’s Day is an opportunity to show how electricity helps us in business and pleasure and what electricity enables in our lives and society at large. It is also an opportunity for us in the electricity industry to celebrate and rejoice in the work we do. You can read more about why we celebrate “electricity day” here.