Watt-s, X-mas gift

kr80.00kr140.00 inc

Put some sunshine under the Christmas tree!
Give a long lasting gift, available in three amounts 3,4 or 6 Watt-s solar energy, remember to activate them on the watt-s.com site.

  • You make the reciever a new solarproducer
  • The reciever gets a 15 years service
  • It's very nice giftcard
  • Stickers to show that they are a solarproducer
  • Envelope to the gift card
  • Envelope and Postal costs to send it to you.


Buy a nice christmas card and make the christmas full of sunshine! You can choose three different amounts 3, 4 or 6 Watt-s

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3 Watt, 4 Watt, 6 Watt