Run things on self made Solar Energy

All_trans_sign_watt-sWhen you buy a Watt from “Watt-s” you buy a piece of a solar panel somewhere.

You start to produce Solar Energy covering the usage from your things.

The energy produced will match some or all of the energy usage from your things.

Buy more to cover more!


When you put solar panels on your own roof, your energy bill will be reduced.

We do the same, we install the panels somewhere else and you get a refund through Watt-s.

It is your production and you will have realtime information on the production just as if they where on your own roof

The flow

  • You buy 1 Watt
  • When we have 250 Watt we install a solarpanel somewhere (or we have already installed one for you)
  • The panel start producing energy which will lower the energy bill on the building where it is mounted (just as it would do if you had it on your roof)
  • Instead you get a refund on your account at watt-s
  • After 15 years you have produced around 15kWh of clean energy, guaranted solar produced.
  • You have compensated some of your devices usage of energy with that clean energy

Buy your Watt-s now

When you buy a Watt you guarantee that there will be  at least 15kWh more solar energy  in the world.

The more people that do the same as you ,the more we make sure we can run the planet in a sustainable way.