Host Watt-s

We install all our solar panels where there is a lot of need for energy. We believe that the main change in the world energy system is local produced energy. Every one buying watts don’t have the possibility to put up their own panels.

Being a host you provide your roof to a people’s based solar production site.

What we seek in a watt-s host

  • Have a big, preferably flat roof
  • Constantly consume a fair amount of energy
  • Like to help in the global energy change
  • Are doing or planning energy efficiency activities
  • Would like to know more on your energy usage

What do we do

  • We take care of all connections with the grid company
  • We install top of the line solarpanels on your roof
  • We connect monitoring equipment for the production
  • We connect your main electricity meter to realtime measurements

What you get

  • You get a green profile by producing Solar Energy
  • Your roof will generate income
  • You gain more control on your energy usage which can be used for energy efficiency
  • You get realtime information on production and savings
  • You are part of changing the world energy systems to a more sustainable world

Register as a Host for solar energy

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Register as a host for solar energy. You provide the roof we do the installation