Give away Watt-s

Give a long lasting Solar Energy gift to a friend, 50 years anniversary, a wedding couple or just some one you care for! – Having a hard time finding a gift to someone who has everything? – Need a gift to someone in your company? – Need something sustainable to your speakers at your event? Give a gift that lasts…

Give to Earn Watt-s

Give away watt-s to friends and earn more watt-s, use our electronic giftcodes. For every three persons that you buy giftcodes to. We will add an extra Watt for you.            

Create your Watt-s icon

Join and draw your own Watt-s icon. We encourage everybody to draw their own Watt-s sun icon. Join the contest and win more Watt-s in your account.

We need to be more energyefficient

Producing energy with solar is good but it isn’t the whole solution to be able to create a sustainable energy system. We also need to lower the total amount of energy we use to a minimum, only then we can live more sustainable.

Removing peak load

Solar Energy is created during the day when the sun shines. This correspond also to the the time when there is a lot of demand. Therefore it is good to create enery with the sun to lower the peakloads we have in the electricity grids at daytime.