Buy Watt-s

  • You own the Watt for 15 years

  • When you move you keep your watt-s

  • You have made a statement that you want more solar energy in the world!

  • You will soon have a mobile app showing your all your Watt-s

  • Each watt will also create more Watt-s (or if you rather like it you can get a money refund)

  • You will be part of a world wide network of people producing solar energy

We divide every solar panel in it’s smallest power unit (Watt) and you can buy them one by one.

– With 1 watt. You create 1kWh/year, not so much energy, but you do make a change for the next 15 years.

– With 3 watts. You have your IPhone 5 covered for the next 15 years

– With 10 watts. You cover for several of your small electrical devices you have at home.