Commercial building Uppsala

Together with the building owner Ihus AB we are installing in Uppsala. It is a medium sized site with 31 500 Watt peak. We will be sharing 30 000 Watt-s. The building is situated very close to city centre along one of the main roads. I-Hus has a goal to increase the amount of solar energy on their buildings and this is a perfect way for to quickly add more solar energy and to have a closer connection to all the private persons having a share in the facility.

We are today 10th of June having the grand opening of the facility.

Here is a link to I-Hus solarenergy portal (swedish)

Status Value Comment
Site Uppsala Situated along one of the main roads in central uppsala
Power 31 500W Number of Watt-s
Size 360 m2 Thats about one third of the roof
Planned May 2016 Installed