Finalist in open stockholm awards

Watt-s have with the service “sun4You” made it to the big Final of Open Stockholm Awards  where 6 finalists are compeeting on how to make  “A climate-smart Stockholm” criterias are

a. Sustainable construction and housing

b. Ease to live environmentally friendly

c. Climate-friendly transportation

d. A clean and beautiful urban environment

The service we created during the IoT4real hackathon is a continuation on the service today provided by watt-s we combine the production from the solarcells with the energy metering in a smart plug tjänsten so you can correlate the solar production with the true usage. Through this service we think we can increase the interest for solarenergy and in combination with Watt-s we can get the current solar installations to be more widely used and hopefully trigger the peolple of Stockholm to wanting more solarcells on the roofs of the city.


In short you claim a piece of the stockholm solarpanels and the production is mirrored to a virtual battery and as long as you have a surplus of energy in the battery the smartplug is on. If you run out of solarenergy you need to wait to accumulate more energy or get more watt-s installed. The more solarcells you have the more energy very simple and clear to understand.

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